We’ve designed our classes to welcome everyone from every level.

Since we're aware of the pressures of society of what a "fit person" should look like, we've made sure to create an environment that welcomes every fitness level and size. We have a true "No Judgement Zone'. Once you've entered our class you no longer have to feel shy, embarrassed or intimidated. We just want you to feel the music and have fun. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and get healthier with you!

My name is Racquel Lennon, I’m a certified Women's Fitness Dance and Fitness Instructor  born in New Orleans, La but raised in Houston, TX. My hobbies are dancing, traveling, shopping and volunteering.  I’ve been dancing all my life on multiple dance teams. My interest in fitness began when I joined the U.S. Army. The physical training was intense but I was able to excel and outperform most of the men! My close friends and family know that I LOVE FOOD!! However, the key for me is to enjoy what I love in moderation and include physical activity to burn some of those calories off. My favorite foods are Seafood and TexMex dishes.

My motivation is my health; my family and helping others achieve their goals. There is an epidemic of obesity in the U.S. and this stems from two things: eating too much and exercising too little. My prayer is to use my talents of dance and fitness to make a positive impact in my client’s life.

~ Racquel

My name is Monica Hughes. I'm a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness and dance instructor with a passion to help as many as I can to meet their goals. 'My hobbies include dancing, reading, journaling, and spending time with family. Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love when my extended family and I get together because some one is going to blast the music to start dancing.

I did not gain an interest into fitness until I began to notice a shift in my weight and overall health. I became depressed and felt unattractive so I decided I'd do something about it. I began exercising, drinking more water, and making better food choices. Although I'm still on my journey, I'm grateful for the success of my decision to become a healthier better me.

My motivation to keep going is my family and my love for helping others. If I help only one person to become healthier and feel prettier it makes my heart smile.~Monica